More Hair Cuts



Being a mommy to little girls I am very aware of the simple fact that everything I do is seen with impressionable little eyes, from how I feel about my body to how I dress.

Up until this point I just sort of go about my daily routines and if they have questions about what I do they ask,

“Mommy what are you putting on your face? What is that you are using on your eyelashes? What are Spanx?”

Last week when I cut my hair made more of an impression than I realized though,

both girls asked to get their hair cut on Tues!

Gabby has gorgeous thick hair that was past her shoulders and AJ has wispy thinner hair that had grown out of her pixie cut.

This is the after photo!


Cute right?!

Gabby’s haircut makes her seem so much older now and AJ no longer looks like a homeless orphan, lol.

They love it too because I am no longer chasing them around with rubber bands and a brush!

It was a pretty cool feeling when Gabby asked the stylist to cut her hair just like Mommy’s… very cool indeed!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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