Oh Miss Moira!

It’s been awhile since talked about wonderful little Miss M. There are not enough words to begin to describe this little firecracker! She is a few days shy of 16 months and experiencing explosion after explosion of words and personality. She follows one step directions, actually she has been doing that for quite some time, and will throw out her diapers or go get toys to play with. It is awesome and really sad all at the same time because it means that she is growing up.

Moira has opinions about everything these days from her clothes to what she wants to watch. Being a big fan of Sesame Street, if it doesn’t have music she isn’t too interested. Luckily she likes the music scenes from Glee and Smash so I am not subjected to cartoons and Muppets all the time! Moira has also developed quite the loving relationship with her sisters. She has always been closer to Gabby, who dotes on her 24/7, but AJ has taken an interest in teaching her things like how to jump on the couch naked and smacking people around. Case in point:

Moira has developed quite the vocabulary from asking everyone “What is it?” all the time. She wants to know the name of everything around her and remembers. Aside from saying all of our names she can name about 10 body parts, make about 6 animal sounds, names her favorite Sesame Street characters, and just discovered the power of “hi” and “bye”. =) I think that having 2 older sisters really prompts her to keep up with them and makes her really interested in the world around her.

There is so much I can say about this little sun spot. She is eating more and more, has a steady no-nap policy, and prefers to sleep in most mornings. She holds her own schedule and woe to anyone who tries to change it! I look forward to the days ahead as Miss Moira continues to grow and learn. She is definitely my little crazy lady!

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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