Easter Rewind

Last year I was on my game apparently! The girls had cute shirts made by me to celebrate Spring, I had coupons in their eggs, and they even had adorable little pocket bunnies in their baskets. Lol, how I managed all that with a very young baby is beyond me! Anyhow, here are some photos and ideas for last minute cuteness for your own little bunny:

This project is pretty simple: take a plain tee shirt, some brown fabric paint, and some freezer paper.

There are many tutorials online for freezer paper stenciling but the jist is pretty easy-

trace your image onto the flat (non-shiny) part of the freezer paper, cut it out with an exacto knife, iron the paper onto your tee shirt shiny side down, fill in your image with the fabric paint, wait for it to dry- voila!!

They turned out so cute and love wearing them even now.

I didn’t make a tutorial for this little pocket bunny, it is a pretty basic design though.

I made them on a whim and had so much fun embroidering the front with the girls’ names.

My favorite thing though is the little pocket I added to the back so that the Easter Bunny can leave a small chocolate bar or something yummy. =)

These are a set of printable coupons that would be cute to hide in Easter eggs. Last year the girls really enjoyed trading them in for dates and extra treats.

If you like them simply click on the image, view the largest size and download!

There were some other fun crafts in the mis as well, orange play dough as carrots, bunny soap, and crayons shaped like ABC’s.

Anyhow, here are some ideas that we are doing this year, I think the girls will be really surprised:

(click on the pic to go to the photo source)

 What is going in your children’s Easter baskets?


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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