Project Master Bedroom

We are moving in a about 2 weeks and let me tell you how much packing has NOT been done, lol. A friend of mine moved and has a pretty house on a nice, quiet, kid friendly street and asked us if we would be interested in renting it a couple of weeks ago. While I love our current house, there are no kids (only cranky elderly people) and the sidewalks are pretty much in the streets- giving this mama heart attacks daily when my girls are playing outside. The nice part is that the new house is basically the same size as the old house with a cute backyard, complete with a swing set. The ick part is packing, cleaning, and de-cluttering. =P

It seems that when planning for a move and decorating a new house the master bedroom gets put to the bottom of the list. Kid and common spaces are always decorated nice but mom and dad’s room is a pile of mismatched furniture, unpainted walls, and zero style. (This has been the case the last two houses we lived in!) So this time I am determined that our room will not be forgotten, walls will be painted and there WILL be some kind of “look” to it! This is what I am thinking:

I love the color combination found here and just ran with it. Hopefully with just a few simple fixes I will have a bedroom that I spend a little more time in! (All the elements above can be found on my Pinterest Welcome Home board!) Well, that is what is going on with my life… lots of packing, baby wrangling, and planning… all very exciting stuff!

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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