AJ & Moira’s Room Idea

I’m pretty sure that decorating a room for girly girls is the tops of my favorite list. I love soft colors, tutus, and dolls so it is a lot of fun to put together a look for what will be Moira and AJ’s room. Right now Moira sleeps with me but I am sure that soon enough she is going to want to share a bedroom with her sister, especially since they share a lot of the same toys and loves. Gabby decided that she wanted her own space, which is totally understandable since AJ isn’t exactly the easiest person to live with…(wonder where she gets that from?!) I can’t wait to show you that room idea… Gabby has definite tastes now!

Anyhow, here is my plan for my little girly’s room… I am especially in love with the Paper Doll Bedding from Dwell Studio. It is a design that the actual store no longer carries, but I did find it here! Whoo hoo!

What do you think? I have most of the elements already, I need to paint the dresser pink and add the tulle to the night stand. I think I can make the mounted unicorn head and already made the bunting hoop. I love the poster, found here, and have my eye on a couple other wall decorations like this and this! I think I may just keep the walls white since there will be so much color everywhere else. =) It is definitely fun planning this bedroom!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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