Moving and Grooving

We are getting there… slowly but surely the packing is getting done and preparations are in full swing. Our poor garbage people aren’t too thrilled with us as our whole tree lawn was covered with clothes that we couldn’t donate and miscellaneous things that had seen better days. Today we bought the pretty grey comforter that I spotted on Target’s website as well as a LOT of paint. (I had no clue that paint was so expensive! About $150 for 4 gallons and a quart by Behr!)

The last couple days have been pretty good all in all. Klint has been on vacation and we enjoyed some yummy treats at Menchies…

At our homeschool co-op we learned about rainbows and made rainbows on skewers with fruit… the kids loved this activity!

This little girl, Esme, is the CUTEST little thing ever and belongs to my good friend Lili… love love love her!

and then today we did a lot of cool stuff like bowling at a birthday party!

Gabby really enjoyed this and actually asked if she could take lessons… I see my Buffalo bowling genes were passed on.

AJ also had a lot of fun, she got a kick out of wearing special shoes and was bummed she couldn’t keep them lol!

But I have to admit that the highlight of my day was buying paint… hopefully I will be just as cheerful Sunday night when it is all done!

We are painting our bedroom a pretty grey, Gabby’s room a turquoise and her bed a daffodil yellow, and the living room a lighter navy blue called Captain.

There ya have it! This is been my last couple of days… hectic but really enjoyable.

Cheers and more pics to come of our new house!


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