{FREEBIE} New Prints for the New House

We have been going back and forth between the new and old houses packing, cleaning, painting, loading up the van. It’s been chaotic and stressful. Moira is into everything and she bounces between wanting to be carried and emptying freshly packed boxes. The good news though is that in a few short days this will be over and I can get to the much nicer business of setting up our new home, putting everything in it’s place, making it ours. There is a backyard in need of tending, little girls who are getting their own rooms, so very much to do!

To combat moving burnout I took a few minutes last night and created a few new posters for our new home, one of a kind prints that the girls will look at and know Mama made just for them. I couldn’t help making up one for my bedroom as well!

{for the master bedroom}
{for AJ's room}
{Of course Moira needed a poster and Elmo is her true love!}
{for Gabby's room}
{Another one for Gabby}


I can’t decide which of these is my favorite and the girls are so excited for them!

As a bonus for you I am making these posters free for you to print our yourself!! YAY!! =)

(well all except Elmo since he is a licensed character)

Here you go: download the prints and enjoy!

You and Me (8×10)

Color 1 (11×14)

Color 2 (11×14)

Lemons (8×10)

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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