I was sitting down this evening, after a very long day/week/month, to write a simple post. Just a hello and howdy. And was stunned by the overwhelming response to my post about Olivia*. Thank you for reading, hearing my words, and taking what I wrote to heart. It means a lot to me!

Yesterday we handed in the keys to the old place and I have to admit that it was with relief. This new house just feels… right. Sure the kitchen cabinets are wayyyyy to tall for me, but that’s nothing that a step ladder can’t fix, and yes the bathroom is very teeny. All the more reason for Mama to get some darn privacy in there! I am in love with the big kitchen sink, the quiet street, and the sound of laughter echoing from the backyard where happy girls are swinging and playing in purple sand!

We added a new Beta to our home, a friend to keep AJ company at night now that she is in her own room. Meet Sherbet! (This tank is awesome and looks oh so cool on the wall!)


I am having a lot of fun decorating our new space, organizing, and breathing a sigh of relief that the moving process is over and I can get on with making a pretty home for the girls. I am also loving the now warmer weather here in Cleveland. It was so very cold these last few days, enough to warrant two down comforters! I look forward to the upcoming days of 70’s and 80’s….


So that is my hello!!! Come back tomorrow when I talk about creating a “peaceful” basket for the girls, everyone needs a little peace now and then!



What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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