A Peaceful Basket

Lately there has been a lot of bickering going on with the girls due partly from the move and partly because well, they are sisters. Hurt feelings, tempers flare, tears fall… it upsets everyone. After thinking about how best to handle everything I decided that maybe a peaceful retreat where the girls can think and sort out their feelings is an order. I am still sorting out spaces and such in the new house so for now I am going to put together a basket full of things to help one become peaceful when conflict happens and maybe will be able to create a dedicated space later. Here are the things I am going to add to my basket:

1. Tibetan Prayer Flags   2. Amber Mala beads  3. Peaceful Piggy Meditation book

4. Buddha Board   5. Pocket dolls for role playing

6. Chinese Stress Balls   7. Conch Shell (it feels cool to the touch, is relaxing to listen to the “ocean” and is tactile)

8. Book of Mandalas   9. DIY Meditation Jar

Some other things that you could put in the basket:



sensory box


yoga cards

small chimes

smooth stones

pictures of the family members

mp3 player with peaceful music preloaded or a book

Do you have a calming space for your children? If so what is in it?

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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