Weekend Luvs

Hello!! Another end to an exciting week here at Casa de Krebs… photos were taken of the girls a couple of days ago, I managed to scratch my cornea and have a bum eye for a few days while it heals, and slowly but surely the boxes are getting unpacked and this house is becoming a home. Currently I have a sleeping baby, preschooler, and husband so I get to catch up on my blogs and maybe even get a bit of crafting in… maybe! How was your week?

20120504-162005.jpgHere are some things that I am loving today and will maybe get to do/make in the next few days. =)

Everyone needs a little simplicity in their daily routines

Moira and AJ will be doing this tomorrow, pics to follow!

I’m kinda smitten by this and may need a few.

This is the best parenting advice given. Read it and pass it on.

Made this again and it was YUMMO!!!

Now that we have the laundry chute I think switching from paper towels to these is a smart and easy choice…

Yay for Cinco de Mayo and easy crafts like these!

These would be fun summer party decorations.

I want to buy these and paint them pretty for the girls!

I am not a point dancer, but I would strongly consider it if I could wear these.

What are you doing this weekend, anything fun? Anyhow, see you all tomorrow and a happy day to everyone!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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