Whew! This has indeed been a week folks… we are at the point in moving where there are just a few random boxes left… with crap that you don’t need or know what to do with. I am ready to just toss the junk out and be done with it lol! We had a heck of a time at the co-op Thursday, people brought their ducks, chickens, and goats!!!! Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe this group of people that are like family to me. Instead of our normal routine of of classes and such we took a quick vote to scratch that and instead have a full day of letting the kids and parents just play, learn where they wanted, and just “be”. It was beautiful and the day was a huge success in my mind.

I have been seeing some really cool recipes and ideas on Pinterest and my fingers have been itching to sew again. I want to give my student teachers a gift in appreciation for all their hard work this dance year and decided to make them each bags for their shoes or something useful like that. Maybe this emergency clutch for Band-aids and hair bands? I like this simple tutorial for a bag to hold their shoes as well… lord knows I have enough fabric! =P

The web and media at large are all talking about the TIME cover showing a mom nursing an almost 4 yr old boy. I cannot express how disappointed I am in the magazine for using something so beautiful to shock people and start controversy- all to sell some magazines. The response to the provocative cover has been mixed from celebration to shock and disgust, women attacking women for doing what they feel is best for their children. I applaud this momma for speaking out again the women of The View who were particularly vicious and uninformed about the benefits and norms of extended nursing. Just because a child can ask to nurse does not mean he or she needs to be be weaned!

Sigh… where was I? Oh yes… I am in love with this song and am currently bopping around the kitchen to it in pure happiness!

Love love love it!

I would love to make these, while wearing this, and living here… I’m just saying…. who’s with me?

Thanks to the move I haven’t crafted in awhile and my project book is growing by the day. (Thanks a lot Pinterest!!) I am itching to make this mirror for my dining room in yellow or green, this pillow for our gazillion remote controls, and these for all my herbs and plants I just started.

I hope that all my fellow moms out there are having a good mother’s day, filled with peace, relaxation, and lots of love. (If not then here are some neat printables that could help you out!) Enjoy and I will be back tomorrow!

free printables from Simple As That