One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is the sheer visual-ness of it. Headers, photos, buttons, ads, links… all custom designed to fit your own theme or mood. Well, yesterday after posting I took a look at my own theme and decided that I wanted a new look for the upcoming season. The wonderful thing about WordPress is how easy it is to change your look to something that fits your personality and taste. You have to be a little bit patient and look hard because there is always a bit of tweaking to do, but there truly is a look for everyone out there.

I also updated the pages at the top of the page to include information about how I parent and links about unschooling, something that I am getting more comfortable talking about. They are still being expanded on but at least there is a start there. =) I am considering having some ad space as well, I don’t want the pages to get cluttered with ads that distract from the content but I have been asked by a few Etsians about having ads up. It is something I may consider for the future.

Hmmmm, what else?

Last night I wasn’t feeling too hot, sneezing so much that I got a bloody nose and a headache to boot. This morning luckily I woke up better though and so made the snap decision to keep my promise and take the girls to the zoo. I was very thankful we live only 5 minutes away because I wanted to get there before it opened and we had all just woken up at 9. (Mondays are free for county residents and are typically PACKED if the weather is nice!) What a surprise, when we park one of our very good homeschooling friends also pulls up with her boys! It was really awesome to walk around with them and let the kids enjoy the beautiful day. Moira shouted “HI!” to every animal that she saw in delight… she is definitely my daughter. Seriously, this baby loves all animals!

Here are a couple pics from this morning. We didn’t stay too long because none of us are fans of the huge crowds but saw just enough to satisfy everyone. I loved the meerkats the most… think I can convince Klint to let me have a few?

AJ discovered that she makes a pretty good vet and patched up a few animals, we got to see a checkup on a Singing Dog from Australia, and heard plenty of roaring from the big cats. (They were all in a mood apparently!) All in all, a very successful day.

Come back and take a peek at the various pages that I am working on, links about gentle parenting, unschooling, and more to come!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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