Let It Roll

I am pretty sure my life motto is “just let it roll”. That seems to be my mantra as of late anyhow. I have no doubt that this mindset is what has gotten me through life with little therapy, no addictions to speak of (I don’t count Menchi’s!), and no felonies on my record. I just let things roll off me and go on with life. Of course if I can do something about it I do it, but if a situation is bigger than me or my capabilities, then I let it go and move on. Sometimes Klint gets a little annoyed at this motto and mistakes it for not caring, which of course is false, but I am just not one to stress, worry, and fret over things that are out of my control.

Instead of stressing I just look to the bright side (the sunny side!!) of life. (A glass of wine doesn’t hurt either!)

Last night was really stressful, when really it shouldn’t have been. I wanted to clean up the house and my children were hell bent on not letting me get a pinch of what I wanted done. So I let it go, played, cooked, played more, and late at night when everyone was asleep I had a glass of my favorite Trader Joe’s Moscatto, listened to Selena, and cleaned to my heart’s content. It was just easier that way. =)

I can’t be too salty, if I had been cleaning I wouldn’t have eaten popsicles on the porch with these little monkeys!



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