Princess Explosion

Sorry for the break folks! It has been an incredible week though and I just have to share.

This space that I call my own is a wonderful tool that allows me to share my thoughts, get things off my chest, and share cool things that I find on the web. Other bloggers have found their niche on their blogs, prompting books to be written and allowing parents to quit their jobs and write for a living. It truly is an amazing thing! Well in the last couple of months I have reached other bloggers, way more famous than me, and have touched many people through my writing and crafting. First my Olivia* post and now my Etsy store.

“we are now famous!”

A few weeks ago a dear friend of mine pointed me to a blog called Young House Love. I have visited there before due to their awesome projects and lovely energy. She  told me that the couple was building their little girl, Clara, a dollhouse and suggested that I write and see if they would like some of my little peg princess dolls as a gift. I adore little girls and crafting so I happily sent an email off, offering some dollies as a gift. Sherry politely declined as their policy is not to accept free things, which is totally understandable, and I put it out of my mind.

Well, Thursday I was teaching and my phone chimed, telling me I had an Etsy order. Whoohoo! A peg princess set was ordered! Then another order, then another…. weird…. but I continued on with my day not really thinking too much about it. While driving Colleen called me, shrieking with happiness! The blog wrote a little line about my Etsy shop!!!! I seriously had no clue that their readership was so big, but later that night I checked and over 9,000 people had viewed my listing for these simple little peg dolls! Crazy!

Let’s just say that I have been flooded with orders, have bought out all the local craft stores of their girl peg dolls, and had to put in a special order to get some more asap. =) It is just wonderful to say the least. I can’t believe that all these orders came because of another blog, it is that powerful.

So that has been the last few days… now excuse me while I go paint some more dolls!

My life has been taken over by little wooden girls and coffee!


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