Hola Mis Amigos!

Hola and a cheerful Howdy! How is everyone doing? I am taking a quick painting break to drop in and say hi, post a few pics and links, and then continue my work. Nothing better than listening to some music while the dryer, washer, and dishwasher go, and paint away… peaceful times. I have to remind myself not to get upset by the girls when I am trying to get stuff done, that they will only be this little for a short time, and to enjoy the chaos. Sometimes I forget to be present in the moment instead of thinking about all the “have to’s” and “should’s”.

This evening AJ slipped getting into the bathtub and cut her forehead pretty good, I almost though we were going to have our first set of stitches. (No one has had stitches for a cut yet!) Luckily it wasn’t deep so some butterfly band-aids did the trick. Made my heart stop seeing blood running down her face though! These little girls are going to give me grey hairs yet from all the cuts, bumps, scrapes, and falls.

Have you or your kids seen the trailer for the new Disney movie Brave? My girls are soooooo excited! Of course I had to create a Merida doll for Moira to play with, it was a challenge to show all that curly hair for sure!

I like how she turned out and am excited to show the girls their new doll!

Here are some other things that have me pretty excited:

Want to make this cake… it looks so pretty and fancy!

One of my summer list items is an outdoor movie night, this little device would make it happen I am sure.

I am a fan of good senior pranks, especially ones that take some brains to put together!

Piñata cookies anyone?

Like the little dolls I make but don’t have a suitable dollhouse? Print your own right here!

I love the idea of each family member having one glass that they use the whole day, no more stacks of cups in the sink! (Click the link, these are SUPER cute!)

If I had a farm I would certainly have bees, although seeing this made my heart jump a little… =)


So those are some cool things that I have seen and liked… more to come soon!


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