Saturday Link Love

Howdy! How is everyone doing this lovely Saturday? We are doing well, settling into a new routine of me watching kids, caring for a bunny, digging sand out of places better not mentioned lol! I haven’t been on the computer nearly as much as the norm, I am pretty sure that my blogroll is well over 200 posts unread. Anyhow, here are some cool things that have caught my eye, enjoy!

I have had a taste for grilling lately, these shrimp broil kebabs sound delish!

Someday I want to have time to sew again… this bag is on the list =)

Have you heard about Free Little Library? There is one here in Cleveland and I am going to add another to our little neighborhood!

I really want to learn how to knit this fall, this is my starting project…mmmmm

Want to start a blog? This is the anatomy of a perfect blog!

I love fonts and here are 18 that I think are pretty cool.

I would really love to do this to our dining room table… a field of flowers on our table sounds lovely.

My stairs would really look lovely like this… seriously, they need something!


I just got a juicer and have been making the most awesome juices!

My new favorite is spinach, green apples, and green grapes… really yummy tasting and not a hint of the spinach….

   So there you have it! Have a great day friends!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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