Keeping It Cool

Klint built a kid wash yesterday, which of course the kids loved since it has been in the 90’s the last week or so. It was really easy to put together and a huge hit! (Thank goodness for PVC pipes!)


Conversation of the week:

Me: “Gabby, why do you have a duck whistle in your purse?”

Gabby: “That’s not all I have! I also have a flashlight and some rope!”

Me: “Okkkk…. why do you have a duck whistle, a flashlight, and some rope in your purse?”

Gabby: “Well, you never know….”



Moira has been practicing going on the potty every day when she sees me go to the bathroom. She asks for toilet paper and everything!

I’m definitely ready to be done with the whole diaper thing so yay for an early interest in pottying!

I fully realize that this fascination may end tomorrow so I am just going to enjoy today and hope that she just prefers to be clean sooner than later!


Here are some fun links you may enjoy, have a great holiday and see you all back on Thursday!

love this… the world’s smallest postal service

I want to camp here… or heck, live here!

love this Mama & daughter moment and so thankful I have experienced the same

bored of your bedsheets? here are some different options!

children see everything we do- good or bad

this makes me want to chop all my hair off… almost!

would love to make these for my girls, love the color!!!

definitely making these for gifts, super cute and unique

Happy 4th of July!!!



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