We’re Not In Kansas!

Come visit the crazy lady with the melons out front!

Ah, home sweet home… such a simple phrase but yet something that inspires a whole host of feelings. I had planned on blogging tonight about some fun links I found, but that is going to wait until tomorrow. Once again, my dear fellow blogger Shannan, over at Flower Patch Farmgirl, touched me with this post and I just had to write about it since we just faced the same situation she is in.

As most of you know who have been following me, we moved a few months ago. We left a city that we adored, where the community is tight knit and everything that we love for a questionable village tucked in the middle of even more questionable inner city. We did it for our financial health but even now I feel torn about the decision, months after it is said and done, lol!

Our new house is on a cul de sac, something that we wanted for our kid’s safety. However, there is a family across from us that, in the 3 months of living here, have had the cops called on them 4 times for domestic issues and ruckus-ness. The rest of the neighbors are quiet, for the most part sane, and try to keep their houses as nice as they can seeing as though the general population is pretty elderly. Mayberry it is not however.

There is a park really close by but we never go there. It is actually a nice playground… when it’s empty. And this is the part where I am struggling. See, it’s not the kids that I am worried about… it’s the adults always lurking about, making out on the picnic tables, ignoring their screaming babies, swearing at their kids that I just cannot bear to be around. I can excuse bad behavior in kids, but how do I explain to my girls why adults are acting this way and allow them to be around it? I just can’t and so we don’t go there. Sigh… I think that if I made some friends in the neighborhood who had kids similar aged to mine it would be more tolerable, but I’m just not there yet.

It is something I am working on though, this evening I passed a neighbor who has two kids who finally waved to me as I drove by. So I got out of the van and walked down the street and introduced myself and my girls, hopefully not weirding the family out with my extremely big smile and over the top cheerfulness! =)

No matter what, this is where we are and I am going to navigate this just the same as any other new place- with a cheerful outlook and a plate of cookies to share, because cookies make people nicer somehow!


2 thoughts on “We’re Not In Kansas!

  1. I love “ruckus-ness”. And I was just thinking an hour or two ago that one of the things thta most people don’t understand about my situation is that I currently live in Mayberry. This is it! So it’s funny to see you reference that, too. Great minds… šŸ™‚ What I can say is what I’ve already said – God has gone with you and will go with us. I know we still get scared, but we really shouldn’t. Right??? šŸ™‚

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