Medieval Faire 2012

Summer is not my favorite season. It’s overly hot, bugs are everywhere, crowds invade my beloved zoo and museums… it’s just not my favorite. However, there are a few summer things that I look forward to that help me get through those hot and humid months- carnivals, festivals, and fairs! Mmmm, hand shaken lemonade and butter drenched corn, funnel cake and candy apples… not to mention animals, costumes, crafts, and rides. We love it all. And we were lucky enough to visit one of our most favorite fairs this past weekend- The Great Lakes Medieval Faire!

This is a wonderful event that happens every weekend in July and August, a magical place where the majority of visitors join the entertainers and don period themed costumes, fairies run amuck, and crafters show off their skills. When we got there we were greeted by some Musketeers and some of the Royal Court. Gabby’s fox costume drew a lot of lovely comments, which she loved discussing. Our friend Jenn and her daughter Morgan joined us which made the experience even more fun!

Because there is so much for the kids to see and do, plus many things to buy we made the rule a couple days beforehand that they were allowed to pick one thing or do one thing as a treat. AJ decided that she wanted her face painted like a butterfly so she could match the fairies that she saw.

We got to see an archery and siege weapon demonstration where the archer hot a target from a football field away! It was amazing and inspiring, especially to Gabby who has been asking for a bow and arrow set for her birthday. Lucky for us there was a crafter there who had just the right one for her, so Gabby got an extra special birthday gift! To say she loves it is an understatement!

Along with the weapons we watched a funny comedy show called the Washing Wenches, played with some fairies, ate delicious baked goods, and listened to a wide variety of medieval instruments. Everyone, including myself, was sad when it was time to go… in fact we are going to try to go again before the summer is over!

Here are some of our favorite moments:

AJ loved practicing her curtsy and got many comments and smiles! She was born to be a princess I think!

Thanks to this fair the girls are asking for books about castles, knights, history, and of course medieval weapons! I am going to be picking up a ton at the library now and learning new things with the girls, always a fun effect of going to the Faire!

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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