Homeschooling Photobook

Well, another “school” year is over and it is time for Gabby’s portfolio review. One of my favorite thing about homeschooling in Ohio is the fact that your child has a choice between taking the standardized tests or having a portfolio review. So kids who do not test well or prefer to demonstrate their knowledge a specific way can do so. And there is no specific way stated that a portfolio has to look or be done… it is totally open ended!

Our reviewer is a fellow unschooler, something that is important to me since we do not do workbooks or a certain curriculum. She only asked that we bring whatever we can gather in 5 minutes- a genius idea. At first glance you may think that this is too lenient of a request but in reality it is probably one of the truest assessments of a child’s learning environment. Are there books everywhere, maps, music, resources that encourage learning?  In 5 minutes I can gather library books, video games, my iPhone which has a favorite spelling game called Scribblenauts, art supplies, audiobooks… you get the idea.
One thing that I wanted to make was a photo book of Gabby’s year, the highlights that she can look back on for the year. It was so much fun looking at all that we did, saw, and made. Here are a few pages:

I love how this book turned out, seeing my oldest girl grow and change through the months. And making this book gave me a better idea on what I want to save and take pictures of for the upcoming school year.

Have a great day!


One thought on “Homeschooling Photobook

  1. I take my hat off to you Connie, I have been home schooling my boy whilst living in France for 6 months and it has been challenging for both of us, even though I am a qualified teacher. The problem lies with his perception of me, and that he is used to schooling in a school environment.

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