An American Girl Obsession

Well folks… I am in trouble….

Amelia has discovered American Girl dolls.

Yes, those lovely $105 dolls. The ones with clothes, books, beds, and everything else you can think of. Sigh….

Ok, well, not all is lost. Once again Target comes to the rescue with their version of the dolls- Our Generation Dolls. Yay for $35, or better yet in my case $10 since I scored one on Thursday at Target’s mega sale! Whoo hoo!

I wasn’t a big doll fan as a kid… I remember cutting hair, putting Ken’s head on Barbie’s body (don’t judge, everyone did it!), and discovering that Barbies melt in the microwave. Not a lot of loving and dressing up though. =)

I have to admit though that the American Girl dolls are pretty cool in their own way. They are a great way to introduce history and each doll comes with a book and there are other books you read in the series. My personal favorite is Josefina, the Mexican American doll… her clothes and accessories are pretty. =) What I didn’t realize though was the huge following the brand has! I googled American Girl clothing and all sorts of stores and listings came up… pretty cool if Amelia really get into it. My favorite is called Silly Monkey, very cost effective and had really cute outfits put together!

So if anyone has any tips for a doll obsessed little girl let’s hear them! Do any of your girls have a love of dolls or these dolls specifically? (Gabby hates dolls with a “H” so this is my first experience with this love!)


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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