10 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

Well folks, it’s almost here. The end of Summer.

Kids are school supply shopping and in some places school is already in session. The temperatures are back to comfortable and I have been in jeans, flip flops, and tee shirts again. Yay! However, there is still time to get in some summer fun before summer ends. Here is our top 10 list!

10. Nature Hike–  Venture to paths less traveled, bring a magnifying glass and a jar, snap some photos, explore the beauty of nature!

9. Have a picnic– Simple… whether you are a city dweller or a country family. Pack some yummy food like picnic on a sticks, salads in mason jars, and some fruit salad, plop a blanket somewhere, enjoy each other. (People watching is a big plus for picnics in my book!)

8. Stay up late– pitch some blankets and pillow forts, pop in a movie, make some awesome marshmallow popcorn, and let them stay up super late… fun fun fun!

7. Get some ice cream

6. Get wet– whether its a beach, canoeing, a waterpark, or a new pool… get there asap!

5. Find it fresh– go fruit picking or to a farmers market, make something fresh and delicious… then share the recipe with me, lol.

4. Get Messy– have a water fight, a mud war, dance in the rain… just get messy. My suggestion- take some washable paint, put it in a freezer baggie, add some baking powder and vinegar… stand back and watch it explode!!! =) (Making pop explode is fun as well!)

3. Find a Fest- There are tons of county fairs, city festivals, and other fun frollicking to be had. Ride some rides, eat some yummy and oh so bad for you food, and enjoy the sights and smells of a summer tradition. (The Cleveland Feast of Assumption is August 15-18th… whoo hoo!)

2. Pick a Park– Make a day of it and explore a whole bunch of new parks in one day…

1. Have a Party- throw together a last minute porch party… doesn’t have to be fancy, just grab a whole bunch of chairs, some friends, and have everyone bring something to share. Don’t think about it, just do it!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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