Sea Dragons, Books, and Ballet Shoes!

Whew! What a week so far!! This week has been chock full of funness and it seems like the fun isn’t going to be over anytime soon. =) Hmmmm… where to begin?

Well Tuesday the girls and I got to model for my friend Ali who is a face painter and VERY gifted artist. It was beyond a blast! I am just as giddy about it and can’t wait to have her come to AJ’s birthday party to paint faces. I think my friends and their kids are in for a treat, just check out Gabby’s cat face and the awesome sea dragon on mine. (AJ blurred hers out accidentally before I could get a good pic.)

Aren’t they amazing! I am in love with sea dragons so this was especially cool for me. =)


We have been spending a lot of time in the various libraries lately, always a plus in my book.It’s funny because we always agree to not get more books than we can carry and then end up taking out way more books that this poor mama ends up carrying. I honestly don’t mind though… the girls and I have a lot of interests and books only fuel the fire. Here are some of the books currently on our shelf:

A wonderful list and only a small fraction of what we actually have out, lol!


Finally, Miss Amelia had her first real dance class yesterday! It was exciting and a little bittersweet because it made me see the little lady that she is all too quickly becoming. I would have put her in dance last year but I wanted a year at my studio to get acquainted before I threw my kids in the mix lol! I also didn’t want her to be in one of my classes, been there done that, it just doesn’t work out well. So this year AJ is in Miss Mandy’s class, a lovely teacher who I know will both teach and inspire. She couldn’t stop talking about class and her favorite teacher, lol, it was cute. Here are some of the photos this proud Dance Mom had to take, lol!

Sigh… she is growing up too fast!!!!!

Have a great day friends!

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