Johnson Wetland Center

Today we ventured out into one of the many nature reservations in our area, Sandy Ridge Reservation. We are fortunate enough to have a whole metropark system in the greater Cleveland area, this one featuring a huge wetland area. I am trying to encourage the girls to observe more when we are outside instead of racing around like crazy people, teaching them to write down our observations, and how to do quick sketches of animals and plants as we walk along.

This particular area is simply chock full of wildlife from deer to snakes (shudder!) from cranes to snapping turtles. We saw no less than 20 deer, a garter snake, tons of monarch butterflies, and so much more… it was lovely! As the girls walked along we talked about how the butterflies are endangered, how the deer are filling up in preparation for the winter coming up, and how birds and other animals migrate to warmer places when it snows.  Moira was especially interested in the rocks, moss, and wildflowers!

There was a special display of creepy creatures to look at, both alive and preserved, icky things like spider eggs to look at in microscopes, and plenty of art & play materials. Very cool!

Here are some pictures from today’s field trip!

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