What a Week!

Well, I was doing good blogging everyday, lol. This week has been a rough one… getting in the swing of teaching dance five days a week and then throwing our homeschool co-op on top of that, let’s just say I was seriously needing some wine yesterday! We have co-op from about 9:30am to 3pm, but I have a lot of prep to do for that, and then at 3pm I rush home, throw the kids at Klint, change into my dance gear, and then jet to the studio for about 4 hours of teaching. Needless to say- it’s a loooooooong day.

We went apple picking a few days ago. It was soooo much fun! Even though the orchard had lost about 80% of it’s crop thanks to the summer drought, we still managed to pick about 50lbs of apples in little less than 30 minutes!! (So if you have a favorite apple recipe you want to share, please do so!) We picked Macintosh and Jonathans, my favorites.

We have been taking the girls to this orchard since Gabby was little, one of our fall traditions. There are chickens, horses, and bees along with pumpkins and other produce. Moira was obsessed with the chickens and happily munched on her own little apple while she trailed behind her sisters.

I hope that this upcoming weekend and week go a lot smoother and that I find a rhythm to this crazy life of mine!!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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