Topsy Turvy

TGIF people! Whew what a week! Between dancing, fall fun, homeschooling, and just life in general I am one very busy mama. Miss Amelia has a birthday in just a few days which she is super excited about. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens her presents! (She is getting the Target version of an American Girl Doll!)

Lately the weather here has been pleasant bordering on chilly at night, something that I look forward to every year. Crock pot meals, apple pies, hot chocolate in the morning… fall is indeed here. I’ve been doing fall crafts and nature studies with the girls, the animals around us seem to know that winter is on its way.

Moira and I had a rare date day yesterday at the zoo, one of her most favorite places anywhere. The zoo just had some baby meerkats born so we wanted to check them out along with seeing the two new lionesses, the baby rhino, and our favorite area- the Northern Trek- which houses the polar bear Aurora, grizzly bears, sea lions, tigers, and wolves. It was a wonderful time bonding with the baby and I think she really enjoyed having me all to herself.

I have been seeing so many cool and interesting pins on Pinterest, it is impossible to know where to begin! That site makes me want to sew, clean, go shopping, and eat a cake- all at the same time! The wonderful thing about it though is that I don’t have to have some elaborate bookmarking system now, and I don’t have to try to do everything at once. The pins will be there tomorrow… lovely idea really! Here are some of my favorite fall pins-

I’m undecided whether I want to be an Owl or a Peacock for Halloween… this one looks really easy though

Sweaters and boots are my fall faves!!

Chai spice thumbprint cookies with pumpkin kisses? Yes please!

Now that I am using the DSLR more I need this posh camera bag

I started crocheting yesterday to start this for Amelia’s birthday

It is pouring here so I am off to go make some delicious stuffed pepper soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! Happy weekend everyone!


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