I’m Back!

Ok friends, I’m not going to lie- it’s been a hell of a week. One week ago my world crashed, burned, and kept on crashing until umm… yesterday. It was one thing after another and I’m not talking about breaking a nail or locking myself out of the house. I’m talking about “HOLY CRAP! What sacred flame did I pee on in a past life?!” kind of stuff going on. But now things are back on solid ground and I am going to get back to my normal routine of crafting, homeschooling, cooking, and well… life. =) I’m sure as things process that I will share what happened… It’s a little too real right now and I need to get myself moving forward past it all.

Today we took the girls to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for their Halloween event called Owls and Howls. It was free for kids who came in costume and of course I couldn’t pass up a chance to dress up, I LOVE Halloween! As an added bonus we got 4 free tickets to the Lake Erie Monsters hockey game next Friday- yay!! (I’m from Buffalo, hockey is in my blood!) I’m excited to take the girls to their first hockey game next week.

I’ve been seeing such cool links, crafts, recipes, and more online lately… It wouldn’t truly be a welcome back post without some linky love!! Before I unleash the awesomeness I do want to thank each and every one of my friends who reached out to give me support, who wrote me a kind word, who called to see how things were. It meant so much and I know I would have been able to stay strong and positive. Thank you all!

Let your kids see what happens to a rotting pumpkin!

Pumpkin marshmallows….mmmmm

Starlight pumpkin art

My eyes look like this when I’m in my peacock costume!

Speaking of costumes- check out this POWERFUL blog post about taking back Halloween for girls!

Easter eggs for Halloween? Yes!

Now, for a dance break!

See you all tomorrow!!!

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