Ice Ice Baby!

Last night we took the girls to their first hockey game. Growing up in Western New York, hockey was a winter way of life. I have many memories of falling asleep on the couch while watching the Buffalo Sabres kicking some butt, cheering on a fight, and eating pizza while booing a penalty call. I’m pleased to say that my girls have inherited this love! We had the best seats I have ever had, only 10 rows from the ice, a little off center. Having great seats definitely makes a difference in the whole experience!

Cleveland doesn’t have a NHL team but we have an AHL team, the Lake Erie Monsters. Growing up with the Buffalo Sabres I am no stranger to a good hockey fight and last night there were plenty to keep everyone entertained. Gabby and Amelia thought it was funny that there was a time out box for naughty players and that it’s ok to push and shove. But I have to admit that I got the biggest kick out of watching Moira’s reaction to it all.

I thought that the noise would scare her or in the very least she would get bored. Not this little one! She is in LOVE with the mascot, Sully-a giant eagle who likes to moon the visiting team when they get in the penalty box. She would yell and wave to him, clapping and cheering when we scored a goal. It was beyond awesome to see her take it all in. She kept on trying to get Sully to come see her and danced her butt off! I know that Gabby and Amelia had a lot of fun too, they didn’t want to leave!

Miss Moira and Daddy watching the action!

Now that I know that the girls love hockey I see many more games in our future. I asked Gabby if she would like to learn to skate or play hockey and she said, “Maybe… I don’t know about all this pushing and fighting stuff though!” =) She cracks me up! I can’t wait to take them to another game!

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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