I’m A Big Girl Now!

I have to take a moment to sit back and let you all know that I no longer have a baby. Even though little miss is teeny, she is indeed a toddler (aka mini teenager), lol! She has all these opinions, insists on drinking from a big girl cup, imitates me when I am choreographing (she dances around the house saying “step, step, kick” and actually DOES it!!), and is constantly declaring “SEE, I do it MYSELF!”. Aside from the normal milestones Moira is constantly amazing us with her vocabulary, her love of books, and the amazing fact that she knows her alphabet- uppercase and lowercase! (Thank you Super Why!)

One of the hardest things about seeing all these awesome changes is that this is it for us- no more baby phases. Everything that she is doing, that is the last time we are going to get to celebrate those milestones. It is indeed bittersweet. Moira just discovered the joys of pouring from one container into another, using funnels and scoops, and other water play. Mind you, this fascination isn’t restricted to water… keep an eye on your drink when you are at my house, nothing escapes the mini bartender!

I adore watching Moira’s mind work, watching her figure out this strange world, and seeing what mess activity she creates next. (Pay no attention to the crayon marks on the walls… Moira believes everyday I clean the walls up for her to create a new masterpiece on.)
Every day is a new skill for my baby who is not a baby… and I can’t wait to see her little face light up! (The pics below are Moira’s funny faces at the hockey game the other night!)

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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