Right Now

Right now I am:

:Listening: to two happy girls building a fort in their bedroom while Daddy and the baby nap on the couch

:Smelling: this candle burning next to me (yum!)

:Wearing: my favorite jeans and tee, a thermal under the tee, and some comfy sweater boot slippers… comfy clothes

:Hoping: that my poor bunny gets over her case of the Snuffles. Seriously, why is such a serious condition called Snuffles?!

:Wishing: that I could wave my magic wand and my house would be de-cluttered!

:Singing: songs from the show Smash like this one

:Making: my Christmas list of stuff I want to make and get for the girls and Klint, thank goodness for my Pinterest Christmas Board!

:Cooking: Lasagna roll-ups for dinner…. loooooove Italian food!

:Thinking: about all those still without power and very grateful that we are back home in our warm home after three very chilly days.

:Reading: all the blog posts I missed when we were without power. I love this article

:Dancing: everywhere, all the time!!! I have choreography on the brain and am having a flood of ideas for all my classes!

:Watching: this show… hot men, in uniform… yes please!!

:Loving: that I am getting back into my normal routines and creativity is flowing. =)

(I’m also loving all the Christmas stuff I am seeing everywhere… but I’m kinda crazy like that! I can’t wait to make this for my door!)


Have a great day friends!!!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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