Ok So I Suck…

Well, not actually suck… but two blog posts in November was pretty pitiful.

In my defense my life has been kinda nuts as of late- 12 dance classes a week to plan for, homeschooling, co-op, hubby’s work schedule, and much more. We had to put our sweet kitty Bo to sleep due to some extreme kidney/urinary issues, we had Thanksgiving and all that it entails, our elf Vicky came back and has been causing havoc…. lol… oh and let’s not forget my wonderful Etsy store has been hopping. Is everyone’s life this crazy or just mine? =)

Vicky decided to take a little bath with the girls in the sink… with marshmallows!

I have been on an ornament kick since we discovered that a good number of our ornaments had broken last year when the tree fell over (thanks to a rambunctious baby Cole!). So far we have made clay ornaments, cinnamon applesauce ones, and these super easy and cute Eye Spy ornaments. I ordered the trinkets from this store on Etsy, used Epsom salt as a snow, and voila!

Blue and silver themed Eye Spy ornament

I have had lots of really cool tutorials, articles, and such to share with you all lately though so here is a little list… more tomorrow as I have a roundup of awesome gifts for awesome girls who aren’t so “princessesy”!

* I love this little advent calendar idea… and here are 10 more ideas that are super cute!

* As a fan of fairies, my middle girl would love her own little fairy bedroom I think.

* I really want to make this for my door…. I adore citrus colors and smells!

* This make me laugh every time I see it…

* 20 minute pretty craft? Yes please!

* Going to the Nutcracker this season? Print these out beforehand. 🙂


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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