365 Project- Take 2

Happy Belated New Years!!! I hope that you all rung the new year in with style and happiness!! Gabby and I were the only ones to make it until midnight, which was fine since it was a looooooong day.

New Year's morning last year!
New Year’s morning last year!

I decided that I am going to do another 365 photo project, hopefully I can make it through the whole year. There are many different websites, posts, and people who do a 365 project of some kind. Some people do a self portrait, others participate in a group, and many people just aim to take a photo a day. Then there are all the options of how to publish your project- a blog, a flickr account, a Facebook album… there are so many possibilities!

A Winter Walk

I chose to do a combination of things: I’m going to take a photo a day (usingthis website for suggestions- I may go off-roading once in a while!) and I’m using a website called ShutterCal to post my photos, as well as posting to my 365 Pinterest Board. I’m really excited to improve my photography skills this year, as well as capture the gift of an ordinary day. Let me know what you think of the photos!!!

Is anyone else doing a 365 project this year?


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