Stomach Bugs

For the last week we were infest (again) with the stomach bug. We all got it in mid December pretty badly so I figured that we were all good for the rest of the winter… wrong! I woke up to poor Miss Moira throwing up on me (again) and also got a text from Klint that we was also getting sick at work. Yuck! A day or so later and poor Amelia was really ill with it, poor thing. And now it seems that I am hit…. ugh!

I am a fan of the TV show The Neighbors, a cute show about a family who moves into a townhouse community of aliens pretending to be people. The latest episode is one where the humans get a cold and explain to the aliens about getting sick. It is funny when the poor mom, who is also sick, is taking care of everyone and yells at her husband for not being helpful in the caring of the sick kids. It is how I, and many other moms, feel- when everyone is sick we are expected to care, attend to, and help our family. But when we are sick, well the world keeps turning and we must soldier on.

We are typically a very healthy family, rarely getting even normal colds. But this stomach bug sucks! Everyone I know has it or has had it recently, most more than once. Hopefully it will die down as the days get warmer… and I am hoping that everyone is better for my birthday on Monday.

So I leave you with this adorable photo of Miss Moira, who sorely needed a bath after getting sick all over me and chasing me around the halls wailing when I went to get new sheets. =) Here’s wishing you all very VERY healthy thoughts!

Miss Moira

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