Happy Little Things

happyI am sitting here typing, hands freezing, listening to the happy sounds of little girls frolicking upstairs. They have tried to go out and play in the snow but it is just too cold for their little fingers. So I entertained them with Brain Pop, You Tube, and Pinterest…. they loooooove Pinterest. Above are some pretty things that caught their eyes, especially that adorable kitten. Gabby wants to make arrows, Amelia wants that doll and to paint her nails. Moira is really into princesses so I am definitely checking this book out from the library along with a few others from this board.

I’ve really enjoyed my girls lately, taking more time to ignore the messes and pay more attention to the imagination. It is a struggle, especially when Moira decides that practicing scooping is way more fun with sugar than plain noodles. But then I catch moments like this and it is all worth it.

32This little girl…. she parties hard until midnight, has all these opinions, and has replaced the word “no” with “NO WAY!”. She tells me to go away, insists on watching movies while nursing, and follows her sisters around with big adoring eyes.

We have been enjoying our snowed in days, I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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