Hell Hath No Fury…

…like a virus gone rogue.

I can finally rejoin the land of the living after being sicker than I have been in years. I seriously thought I was going to die from phlegm suffocation. Poor Amelia was hit with a double ear infection, Gabby got massive hay fever symptoms, and the baby ran a fever of 104 for multiple days on and off. It was HORRIBLE! We are lucky enough that no one has any major health issues in our family and this sickness was a swift reminder of how lucky we are. Trying to give Moira liquid medicine was awful enough, I can’t even fathom what parents of kids with cancer face every day. This mama is very, VERY thankful that it was only a simple virus. (It was pretty horrible though, not something I want to repeat anytime soon!)

While we were all sick life pretty much came to a grinding halt. No blogging, no crafting, I didn’t go near the computer much less my camera. And let’s not mention the house and the level of grime that was on every surface. No one wanted to eat so at least the dishes didn’t pile up, but that’s the only saving grace.

So now I am catching up on my life… there was a massive cleaning effort where I reclaimed my dining room, the floors got a good mopping, and the refrigerator was purged from all the nastiness that seems to grow in days. Ick!! I will be back to the usual fun tomorrow and leave you with this fun photo from my prompt of “A Favorite Snack”- some delicious cannoli from Cleveland’s West Side Market.


One thought on “Hell Hath No Fury…

  1. Hi Connie! I hear ya on the “reclaiming your life” after being sick – that’s pretty much where we are over here right now, too. Hope you all stay on the “up” and that we’ll get to see you guys this week! 🙂

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