March Madness

IMG_2851Ah March! Aka Cleveland’s Bi-Polar Month. One day is can be sunny and 70 and then tomorrow there are freezing rain advisories with snow falling down. Yesterday it was all of 34°F outside, not counting the windchill, so we decided to forgo going to the parade. I’m just not willing to freeze my butt off without being drunk! Instead we donned our traditional Old Navy shirts, ate our traditional rainbow pancake breakfast, painted faces, and ventured to a friend’s house for crafting and dinner. A perfect St. Patrick’s Day celebration in my opinion!

It is hard to believe that April and Easter are already upon us. I have been scouring Pinterest for some new Easter basket stuffers, recipes, and craft ideas for eggs. I don’t really like it that Easter is so close to St. Patrick’s Day this year, there’s no stretch in between shamrocks and rainbows to bunnies and eggs.

Anyhow, here are some links that might be worth a glance- Enjoy!!

Please please please sign this petition! Rape Culture is not excusable and a reputable news station like CNN should realize that the victim of the rape is the one who everyone should be sympathizing with, not her attackers. When you victimize the attackers, justice is not served.

This recipe sounds absolutely lovely and refreshing… I adore coconut milk…

I am itching to do this, I need some green in the house asap!

I am making this wreath for my door, complete with the origami cranes for good luck.

Each of my girls will be getting one of these in her Easter Basket, although I think I may make it pillow sized…

This DIY recipe for BB Cream looks pretty easy!

And finally I leave you with this little gem…

I LOVE Duck Dynasty… and yes, I am one of the yuppie city girls Phil is always going on about, lol!



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