Swimmingly Along

Today was the start of swim lessons. To say that the girls were excited is an understatement.

IMG_2870 copy

Sassy, aren’t they! Moira couldn’t wait to get into the pool, she kept asking me to come with her and get in. I am so thankful that she is not scared of the water like a lot of other toddlers can be. AJ made friends right away with some of the other little girls waiting to get in while Gabby took it all in. I think Gabby is starting to feel a little self conscious in her suit so I am really being mindful not to pick at myself in mine, even though I am not the biggest fan of swim suit season, lol.

IMG_2871 copyI can’t stop looking at this photo…. they are getting so big so fast!

I’m looking forward to this new Tuesday routine of ours!



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