Head Over Heels for Origami

Origami Owls that is! What is Origami Owls you ask? It is an awesome, fairly new, jewelry company that has caught my eye and the eyes of women all over. Just look at how pretty!

Why has this caught my eye? Well for starters every locket is one of a kind. It is all based on your interests, your personality, and style. There are so many charms to choose from along with different sized lockets in different metals. Secondly, the lockets are only as pricey as you want them to be. You can start out simple and then add on over time or as your tastes change. I put together my dream locket and everything came to under $70, which included  5 charms and a large locket. Not bad!

I love that you can design your locket around any theme or interest from Sorority Sisters to football teams. And you aren’t locked into a certain design forever. Here’s another favorite design I found:

I also like the fact that a girl started the company because she was motivated to get herself a car for her 16th birthday. Talk about girl power! I am going to host a party probably in June once the recitals are over with, I can’t wait to get my own Living Locket!!! Definitely check out the Origami Owls website and see what it is all about. What would your locket look like?


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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