Almost to the Finish Line

Sorry for the mini hiatus friends! I have been MIA from basically everything except dance, which has taken over my life. I offered to design the yearbook for the dance studio, a feat that I didn’t realize the fullness of until I was waist deep in photos, ads, and graphics. Since this was our first time creating something like this there was no template to go by, therefore I had to start from scratch for all 80 pages plus full color covers. I am super pleased with how it turned out in the end though and can’t wait for the families of our dancers to see the finished product.

Along with the yearbook I have been making gifts for my dancers and student teachers, making sure Amelia knows her dance well since she is front and center, and searching high and low for cute dresses to wear at recital since this year the teachers aren’t doing a dance. I am especially excited to wear this beauty, which I scored for half off!

Even though the recital hasn’t even happened yet I am already looking ahead to next dance season and putting together routines, picking out awesome music for the recital, and gearing up for a new set of classes. It is thrilling to think about how far each and every one of my dancers has come from fall to now, especially since I tend to teach the newest dancers. Thanks to Pinterest I am going to utilize some teacher tools like a getting to know you sheet, an organizational binder, and a cheat sheets with students photos with names so I can learn them quickly.

Well, that’s about it for now. I have a couple of posts scheduled for this week since I am going to be at dress rehearsals and such, but wanted to leave this for you to watch…. it’s beautiful and a song I am going to be using next year. The choreography is amazing as well as the reason for the flash mob! Happy Week friends!

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