Hello Again!

Has it really been so long? I do apologize for such a long hiatus, life got really hard and I just didn’t have it in me to write. Finally though I feel back on an even keel, my creativity is flowing and I feel the urge to create, write, and join this online world again. Creativity is funny like that, one moment you feel dried up and devoid of all color and then it rushes back in, pushing through the cracks.

So what has happened in the last few months you ask? Well, it was a mixed bag. My mother-in-law passed away August 10th and then on August 30th my own mother (aunt by birth but the closest thing to a mother I had) passed away after a very, very short cancer diagnosis. Both passed very suddenly and to say that it shook our family is an understatement. The aftermath fell to my husband and I, which was overwhelming both emotionally and physically. But we got through it and then powered on. Meanwhile I had entered a new business venture as I may (or may not?) have talked about called Origami Owl. So far that is going SUPER and I can’t be more glad that I signed up when I did. I’m sure I will talk about that more now that I am back to blogging.

And of course while the major things are going on, life continues. Fall brought back our homeschool co-op FLOW, outdoor soccer ended and violin/indoor soccer/dance lessons all began. Whew! The normal day to day activities keep up hopping and give us so much joy.

Here are some photos, but if you want to see more check out my Instagram or friend me on Facebook!!

photos1It has been a very full year and I am looking forward to a calmer, less drama filled year in 2014.

For now, Happy Holidays and check back tomorrow for some fun projects and recipes I have been working on!

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