Things that Make me Go Ohhhhhh!

wantsI love fun, unique designs for everyday things. Why settle for the norm when you can push the edges a little?

1. Last year I discovered an iPhone case by a company called Rabito and *just* found out that they created another fun new animal case called Whale-Lee. Isn’t it FUN?! You can store a USB drive in the head or ear buds and you can use the tail to hang your phone places…. I can’t WAIT for my grey whale to come!! (If you want your own whale case, check out this store or head to Ebay!)

2. I have never been a fan of glasses. My mother traumatized me with the most ugly, nerdy, large pair that she could find when I was 10 and I don’t believe I ever recovered. Combine that with the high prices since my prescription is strong…. well let’s just say that they were worn maybe an hour a day, maybe. That is, until I discovered cheap(er) glasses online. Namely a company called Rivet & Sway. (Which should be called Rivet & Swoon, lol!) First of all you can try pair on for FREE, eliminating the worry of ending up with totally unflattering specs. That in itself got my attention. Second of all, they offer petite sized frames (aka you wear kid’s frames usually). Again, this is HUGE with me. And finally, their glasses are STYLISH. Not something that looks less than $400 for the frames alone. **swoon** So the pair above, called Petite Allegro, were one of my Christmas presents and I can’t even remember when I wore my contacts. =)

3. Reading is a huge part of my life and it is my habit to read before bed. I have stacks surrounding my bed despite the fact that my headboard is a book case, lol. When I saw this awesome hanging bookcase on Uncovet I couldn’t stop staring at it, trying to figure out how to replicate it, drooling…. I don’t have this yet, yet…. but it is on my wishlist for sure!!

Bonus… if you are a fan of online shopping and Pinterest then check out a newer site called Luvocracy. It is similar to Pinterest in that community members share the things they love, but you can BUY DIRECTLY from the site! OMG, Pinterest with buying power??? Hide the credit cards now! (You can find me here!) Ciao friends!!

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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