Just Another Day

I think that it is easy to sometimes get wrapped up in the online world of pretense where photos are edited and only the pretty and perfect are shown. It can make you feel insecure, insignificant, and downright depressed. It’s easy to forget that those perfectly poised children were probably bickering the whole way in the car, the spotlessly clean and uncluttered house was not that way a few hours ago, and that mom with beautiful hair and perfectly put together clothes was a hot mess this morning. Everyday life people!! Just for one day it would be fun if people would show the clutter, the bedhead, the un-made face, the kids in mismatched/stained clothes. So here is a typical day here at Casa de Krebs….enjoy and share with me your “just another day”!

20131229-230051.jpg9:00 am- I woke up to my guy playing Play Station, he just got off of shift!

20131229-230102.jpg10:00am- diaper change time… usually referred to as baby wrestling time!

20131229-230113.jpg11:00 am- dressed to go do some shopping

20131229-230152.jpgnoon- Miss Piper prefers drinking water in the bathroom (exciting huh? lol)

20131229-230201.jpg1:00pm- My mess on the chaise part of the couch, the only way I can claim it. =)

20131229-230215.jpg2:00pm- starting an art project for the kids

20131229-230222.jpg3:00pm- Moira wants in on the paint action

20131229-230230.jpg4:00 pm- what I was working on, a last minute order for a friend.

20131229-230246.jpg5:00pm- The girls doing their part of the art project

20131229-230341.jpg6:00pm- Finally finished with my dolls, love how they turned out!

20131229-230348.jpg7:00pm- Yummy!! Shrimp tacos for dinner!

20131229-230356.jpg8:00pm- Gabby wanted me to do her nails so I tried some Jamberry strips on her

20131229-230403.jpg9:00pm- Bubble bath time with Miss Moira who was very very icky. Give a kid Razzleberry pie and expect a bath!

So there you have it, a pretty normal day in my world. There was lots more going on but you get the jist. Have a good night!


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