On Being an O2 Girl

Another focus this year, in going along with focusing on me more, is really getting my Origami Owl business booming. Actually, I have been doing quite well with it so far, enough that even my husband commented on how great things were going- a first! But I want to have a tad more consistency in my bookings and sales, maybe so a few more events. Why did I choose Origami Owl you ask?

Well, first of all I adore the jewelry itself. I love that on any given day I can put charms into my locket that tells my story-whether current or long term. It can be as silly as wearing animal charms to go to the dog park or celebrating my children with their birthstones and interests. I really like the variety of chains and lockets, the add on’s like plates and dangles. And now that we have bracelets there is a whole new level of fun!

Second of all, I needed something that had more adult interaction. Being a homeschooling mom and a dance instructor I am surrounded by kids….all.the.time. I love them and I love kids but once in awhile I want to talk to someone who doesn’t need reminding to wipe their nose (or butt!). I love meeting new people and this was a the perfect way to get out, drink some wine, and find new friends!

So how has it been so far? Well, honestly it’s been great! I don’t do so well at vendor events but I think it was more the venue than me. 😉 Home parties are lots of fun though and I do well at them. I am pretty happy with the company over all, although there are a few minor rules and such that would be better gone in my opinion. As far as tech support I haven’t had a problem and I’ve only had minor issues with the jewelry itself, which is awesome considering the amount of sales I have had.

There have been a few things that have made my life easier, one being offering Take Out Parties. A Take Out Party is where I mail your this pretty bag, full out Origami Owl stuff and then you take it around with you for a week. After the week is up you mail the box back to me, I tell you how much you have in free jewelry, and there we go! No cleaning of the house and worrying about making food for a home party. Easy peasy!Origami Owl Take Out Party with the Timeless Beauty Bag from Thirty-One

Well, that is my experience so far with being a part of the Origami Owl Family!! If you want to check out our pretty jewelry online, click here, and be on the lookout for a special Valentine’s Day giveaway coming soon!

One thought on “On Being an O2 Girl

  1. That idea of a portable party is brilliant!!!! I never see anyone so I’m not much help! Good luck with it!!!

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