Back to School

1524708_10202932691701264_725188947_nDaily life looks a little different today. After 10 years of working on the night shift, Klint switched to days. It’s weird today, just me and the girls. So in order to make my day run a little smoother, and to let me get my own work done like choreographing and cleaning, I decided that we are going to try a little more structure to our day. I am still going to give the girls choices on what they want to learn, I truly do feel like that is the best way for the material to sink in. But we need to all sit together, with everything off, and at least work on the same subjects at the same time so I don’t go nuts doing math with one and English with another.
So how it is going to work is that we would start with a subject and then each girl would work on a different topic within the subject. Amelia is working on basic addition and subtraction while Gabby is working on multiplication. I sit between the two and help if needed. Sooooo much easier than what we were doing before! Topics in social studies, history, art, and science we are going to work on all together and decided on as a family… again, a lot nicer than before when everyone was all over the place. (This is just while they are so young and need me to help as much as they do- once they are older they will pursue their own topics)

Here are some fun activities that we are doing this week:

If you are a homeschooler, what things are you working on this week?

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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