Birthday Wishlist

In our house we celebrate everyone’s birthday, even the grown ups! Since everyone has their own birthday month we usually extend out the celebrating to a full week of birthday fun-ness. But since Christmas just passed, sometimes it’s hard for Klint to think of what to get me, since he just go me things for the holidays and our anniversary which was December 6th. So I try to make a wishlist (that is pretty specific, lol) for him to go off of. I always have a wishlist, located on the sidebar of the blog, of things that I am adoring. But my birthday wishlist tends to be a little more realistic, lol.

Birthday1. MORE Pyrex!!!! I seriously can’t get enough of the stuff and since I got turquoise patterns for Christmas, pink is on the birthday list!! I would really love another bread pan since Gabby dropped mine that I got from a friend, along with some casserole and refrigerator dishes.
2. Aerie Comfy Striped Lace-Up T in Whipped Strawberry3. Punchline in Neapolitan from Rivet & Sway– Yes, I know I just got some glasses, but if I have another pair I can donate my old ones…
4. Wide Angle + Macro Lens for iPhone– I take almost all my photos on my phone so these would be perfect for me. And I love the idea of two lenses built in one!
5. Canvas TOMS Ballet Flats in Ash– Ballet flats really compliment my tiny feet and I love the TOMS brand.

So that’s it, not a huge list but a list that would make me very very happy. (I also love anything from LUSH & Anthropologie, if you are reading this Klint, lol!)


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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