Authentically Me

I have not been loving the blog design that I did when I decided to hop back into the blogging world. It was a slap dash effort to give myself a boot in the butt, something new to get the juices flowing. But it wasn’t “me”. Sure it was colorful, had the bunting that I love so much, and contained most of the elements that I desire in a good layout. But the photo preview was atrocious and it just wasn’t there yet.

Lucky for me another friend (from high school) blogged about the same issue and her post (seen here– she is an AWESOME photographer!) gave me the oomph I needed to actually do something about the blog layout. I quickly did a bit of wool gathering (via Pinterest, of course) and put together a little inspiration board that is more me and less “fun, color, slap dash”.

Gone away is the random colors and hello to a nice palette that actually makes sense- grey and navy to balance out the bright lemon yellow, a splash of bright aqua and a little turquoise to liven things up. Inspired by my favorite things- the ocean, lemons, and PYREX! Lol, I do love me some pretty blue Pyrex! I also wanted an actual logo, not that I sell anything from my blog, but just to give myself a brand. So after I came up with the colors I looked through my gazillion fonts (can anyone ever have too many fonts?) and found two that looked good together, were contrasting but had the same weight. A bit of playing around with my blog name and voila! a new logo! Here is the inspiration board, if anyone else’s blog needs a facelift:

blog idea boardSo what do you all think? Yay? Nay? For now this is the closest thing to actually being “me” that I have had in a very long time, so I’ll take it!!


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