iPhone Overboard!

So you remember that adorable whale case for my iPhone?

Well yesterday my iPhone took a little dive into a cup of tea… the whale isn’t a flotation device apparently. =( I was reading all the things to do if your iPhone gets wet, which is all well and good if you are dealing with water. But sweetened tea? That’s a different ballgame and I’m pretty much screwed. Sigh… My husband likes to say I am the kiss of death for electronics and I hate to prove him right… but I am.

There was the time I left my phone on the hood of the car and as I was driving on the highway saw it fly off the car into traffic, never to be seen again. Or the time I jumped in a pool (to save a drowning child) with my phone in my pocket. Or the fact that I can crash my Mac with ease…. The TV likes to fritz out on me when Klint’s not around and don’t ask me about our network and such.

It looks like there is a new iPhone in my near future… not a purchase I am looking forward to!


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