It’s Dancey Dance Time

Today we had our first rehearsal for the Teacher’s Dance for the annual recital. I am pleased to say that not only is the dance cute but I can do it all with relatively little knee pain! Hooray! (I have patella femoral syndrome as well as tendonitis in my IT band) I am excited to show the dance to my students!

Dance is one of those things I don’t talk about as much. You would think that I would because not only is it my career but my passion. But I don’t because it is like a private stash of chocolate. It makes me feel grounded when my life is in turmoil, it makes unpleasant chores fly by, and it is something that is constant and true. I enjoy all forms of dance from the classic ballet to watching a grandma rock out on her porch, from a good routine in a musical to some good old fashioned booty shaking in a club.

danceThese are some of my favorite dancey things: 1. I love this graphic that I found originally on Pinterest.  2. Here are some great stretches for dancers, especially for tight hips!  3. I love these cute flash cards for little ballerinas.  4. Even reading about dance is fun, this one about tap and this one about ballet are my favorites!  5. If you are a fan of So You Think You Can Dance here are 12 routines that are chill worthy.  6. I adore tattoos and love this watercolor one almost as much as the quote one I just got in December.

I also love these toe socks, this adorable 1st position coloring page, this ballet boot camp challenge, these secret Pandora work out stations, and finally this is my ULTIMATE favorite rendition of The Cup Song by Anna Kendrick. LOVE tap dancers, especially of the male variety! 😉

I also follow some dance companies on Instagram and Facebook and am a HUGE Fan of The Dancer Project– she always posts really great things! There you have a little glimpse of some of the dance things that I check out and enjoy, have a good night!!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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