Vacation Packing

We leave to go on a very important family vacation soon and everyone is super excited! My best friend is getting married ***SQWEE!!!*** and all three girls are in her wedding. As you can imagine, packing for a week long vacation with three kids, in questionable weather, is quite a challenge. Especially when there is such an important occasion involved. So of course I turned to Pinterest for some packing inspiration, which is my version of Google, lol. First I found a few lists which were…ok. They just listed the items, not really giving a quantity or reasons why. Then I came across this article which was pretty epic. This woman packed one medium suitcase, one backpack, and one messenger back for a SIX MONTH trip across Europe!!!! OMG!!!

I loved not only the actual list but also the reasons for what she packed because I am so unsure about the weather. Here it is 60 and sunny one day and then the entire city closes down because of blizzards and single digit wind chills. So I am trying to pack things that can be layered, things that are comfortable to sight see in, and to wear in the car. These are the items that I came up with, along with the usual undergarments, makeup and toiletries, gadgets and gizmos. Whew!! But at least it is a start!!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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