Growing Up Mighty

Today was a day I hope my girls will remember. A day where they got to see and hear me stand up for their likes, individuality, and for others like them. Today was another building block in their childhood that will help my mighty girls stand tall when others try to censor them.

This morning we were driving in the car, listening to a morning talk show, when a story caught our attention. It was about a little boy named Grayson Bruce who was bullied for liking My Little Ponies and carrying a Pony lunch bag to school. Instead of the school solely dealing with the true problem of the bullies, they told Grayson he had to keep his special lunch bag at home. Essentially asking him to align his likes to what the bullies wanted.

Now mind you I have heard about this story the past couple of days. But it was what one of the DJ’s was saying that made me really upset. He basically agreed with the school that if your child is being bullied for a specific reason then eliminate the cause to save your kid the hassle. Ugh!!! Not what this mama was wanting to hear!

So I did something out of my comfort zone… I picked up my phone and I called the radio station. I tried a couple of times and when I got through my heart was racing! What was I going to say? Was I going to sound stupid? How could I put into words that this DJ’s line of thinking was basically victim blaming. But I waited for the DJs to get to me, hand shaking, and found my voice when I heard the cue.

I told them that it was wrong to make a child change because someone doesn’t like their lunch bag, hair, shirt, house…. that there is a flip side to this. There are little girls out there who like ninja turtles, super heroes, zombies, and other “boy” things. This issue is not about just about a My Little Pony lunch bag, it’s about children being allowed to like whatever they want, without fear of being bullied for those likes. Making a child leave home their favorite things only gives bullies more power. It tells them that they control other kids and to keep up the behavior.

That’s was as far as I got before the DJ said his piece disagreeing with me and then went to commercial. It was over quickly but at the time it felt like forever.

I hung up and looked at the girls. Gabby had such a look on her face, like she couldn’t believe I was just on the radio and she actually got to hear it! Lol, she’s used to her mama being outspoken but never like that. I quickly realized that what I just did wasn’t a simple opinion blurb on morning radio. I showed my girls, firsthand, that if you believe in something strong enough you need to take whatever action you can. Maybe what I said will make one person think a little differently about this boy who likes My Little Ponies. And for my Ninja Turtle loving girl, it reaffirmed to her that I’ve got her back!



What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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